Season 1 // NETFLIX

Seventeen years after the tragic events that forced her to leave Curon, a woman returns home with her twin children. They soon discover that the town is cursed: when you hear the bells of the old church tower ringing, repressed feelings come back to the surface.

Directed by: Fabio Mollo (4 episodes), Lyda Patitucci (3 episodes)
DOP: Benjamin Maier

Produced by: Indiana Production
Distribution: NETFLIX

VFX Main Vendor: Proxima Milano
Head of VFX / Claudio Falconi
VFX Executive producer / Alberto Fusco
VFX Producer / Daniele Biglia, Alina Chaplygina
On Set VFX Supervisor / Fabrizio Volpi
VFX Supervisors / Niccolò Barbero, Fabrizio Volpi
Sr Compositors / Mattia Marceca, Guido Tognoni
Compositors /  Laura Boscarino, Mattia Bruno, Alessandro Chiossi, Noemi Cini, Dario Fontanella, Davide Tubaro
Graphic and Motion Design / Darko Prolic
Matte Painter / Andrea Parisi
Additional VFX / Giulio Tonini, Carmine Tallarico
CG 3D Supervisor / Nicola Danese
CG 3D Artists / Valentina Arcelloni, Federico Gnoni

Proxima Milano was the VFX Main Vendor and has contributed by finalizing over 450 shots of different tasks.
On-set VFX supervision / CG3D / compositing / matte painting / face replacement / camera cars / green screen / clean up / night for day / fire enhancement