Esselunga // Noce

There is no expense that isn’t important: Esselunga returns to television to wish Happy Holidays. It does so through the emotions of the story of Carlo and Marta: their friendship enduring over time has a night as the red thread of the new tale. This is not a traditional commercial, but a short film that uses cinematic language.

The uniqueness of people and their everyday life stories, seen through the eyes of children, makes the magic of Christmas even sweeter and more moving. The Christmas atmosphere is enriched with emotions thanks to the gift exchanged by the two children, which then becomes an unexpected and surprising present for the upcoming Christmas. The simplicity of a daily act like shopping brings emotions into the lives of people and customers who enter Esselunga stores every day.


As Visual Effects Supervisors for this project, we had the privilege of working closely with the director, creative agency, and production house. Our focus was on crafting invisible VFX with our customary attention to detail and precision, an approach that reflects our mastery in the field. We are pleased to have supported the director’s storytelling vision and realized the creative agency’s ideas, contributing to an overall image of the short film that met the client’s expectations with finesse and precision.

Director: Rudi Rosenberg
DOP: Giacomo Frittelli

VFX&Post-production: Proxima Milano
VFX Producer: Riccardo Crestana, Daniele Biglia
VFX Supervisor: Fabrizio Volpi
VFX Artists: Valentina Arcelloni Beatrice Barberi Laura Boscarino Marco Cortese Chiara Giacometti Maria Vittoria Iacona Kevin Luciano Jessica Ossoli Francesco Poppa Darko Prolic Nicolas Rodriquens Emiliano Suhner Pietro Tedeschi
Online: Amin Ali

Client: Esselunga

Agency: SMALL
Executive Creative Directors: Luca Pannese, Luca Lorenzini
Creative Director: Paolo Montanari
Managing Director: Alberto Scorticati
Account Manager: Chiara Guadagnini

Production Company: Indiana Production
Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti
Senior Producer: Lilli Auteri
Senior Post Producer: Alga Pastorelli
Post producer: Alice Bellini
Head of R&D: Giampaolo Rossi
Set design: Systa Bjornsdottir
Costumes: Elena Manferdini
Editor: Julien Panzarasa
Colorist: Danilo Vittori
Original Music: Alessandro Cristofori & Diego Perugini

VFX Supervision / 29 VFX shots / Compositing / Finishing