Esselunga // La Pesca

La pesca’ is not a traditional commercial, but a short film that adopts a cinematic language. The subject is inspired by shopping seen through the eyes and experiences of a little girl: a gesture, made with simplicity and at the same time with the typical ingenuity of children, will reveal, moment by moment, a story full of tenderness that touches the heart and moves with delicacy.

Our studio has been selected to perform some compositing tasks and for the finalization of the project.

Director: Rudi Rosenberg
DOP: Giacomo Frittelli

VFX&Post-production: Proxima Milano
VFX Producer: Riccardo Crestana
VFX Supervisor: Fabrizio Volpi
VFX Artists: Francesco Poppa, Emiliano Suhner, Kevin Luciano
Online: Amin Ali

Client: Esselunga

Agency: SMALL
Executive Creative Directors: Luca Pannese, Luca Lorenzini
Creative Director: Paolo Montanari
Managing Director: Alberto Scorticati
Account Manager: Chiara Guadagnini

Production Company: Indiana Production
Executive Producer: Karim Bartoletti
Senior Producer: Silvia Bergamaschi
Editor: Julien Panzarasa
Colorist: Lorenzo Ameri
Original Music: Alessandro Cristofori & Diego Perugini

Compositing / Finishing




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