Moncler // Grenoble

The new Moncler global campaign explores the human spirit of champions at the peak. Deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA, the slopes not only demand technical excellence but also provide space for meaningful connections and unforgettable memories. Moncler Grenoble Brand Ambassadors, hailing from three continents and at different stages of their careers, lead a life beyond performance inspired by the mountains.


Drawing inspiration from their remarkable and renowned performances, our visual effects studio has CGI-generated the Moncler logo amidst the breathtaking Alps, showcasing the fusion of technology and artistry at its finest.

Brand: Moncler
Creative agency: April

VFX: Proxima Milano
VFX Producer: Daniele Biglia
VFX Supervisor: Fabrizio Volpi
VFX Artists: Darko Prolic, Fabrizio Volpi
Color Grading: Davide Lo Vetro
Online: Amin Ali

VFX / Compositing / Color Grading / Editing




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