Feature film // Horror

How far can a mind go when it’s cut off from the real world?
Rachel (Lydia Page) is a young girl who grew up in a remote house in the woods, following her family’s esoteric cult.
After her dad Philip dies, her controlling mom Carol (Julia Ormond) makes her live with his dead body, away from the outside world. They only leave for short, strange trips in the woods, thinking the dead body might come back to life. Inside the house, Carol’s strict rules control everything. But outside, people start to wonder about Philip’s vanishing.
Then Dan (Rocco Fasano), a boy, comes to the house and befriends Rachel. To her mom, he’s a big threat.


We delved into the thrilling realm of horror, blending our passion and expertise to masterfully supervise visual effects in approximately 100 shots for Andrea Niada‘s debut work. This project represented not just a professional collaboration, but an honour and a pleasure, allowing us to showcase our human qualities and professional skills in creating a special and haunting cinematic experience.

VFX Breakdown

Directed by: Andrea Niada
DOP: Stefano Falivene

Produced by: Indiana Production, BlackBox Multimedia, Warner Bros Discovery
Distribution: Warner Bros Discovery

Head of VFX: Claudio Falconi
VFX Executive Producer: Alberto Fusco
VFX Producers: Riccardo Crestana, Cristina Panizzuti
VFX Editor: Lorenzo De Mari
VFX Supervisor: Fabrizio Volpi
Lead CGI Artist: Valentina Arcelloni
VFX Artists: Beatrice Barberi, Laura Boscarino, Chiara Giacometti, Maria Vittoria Iacona, Kevin Luciano, Jessica Ossoli, Francesco Poppa, Darko Prolic, Emiliano Suhner, Pietro Tedeschi
Layout Artist: Lorenzo Varisco
VFX Storyboard Artist: Simone Antonucci
VFX Editorial:
 Lorenzo De Mari

As VFX main vendor we delivered approximately 100 VFX shots, supervising different processes as 3D modelling, texturing, animation for creatures and environment / matte painting / compositing / clean up