Giuliani // Trosyd

Because of the pandemic restrictions, we invented a particular solution for our client.
A cartoon treatment, the use of particular camera movements and a strong parallax effect make the television commercial for the launch of the new product of the brand Trosyd Repair absolutely unprecedented in Italian pharmaceutical communication.

Directed by: Claudio Falconi (Proxima Milano)

Agency: This is ideal
Production: Sala Giochi
Managing Director: Riccardo Giacobini
Producer: Doriana Pagnotti

VFX&Post-production: Proxima Milano
VFX Executive Producer: Andrea Masera
VFX Supervisor: Claudio Falconi
VFX Producer: Cristina Panizzuti
Illustration: Miguel Herranz
Motion Graphic and finishing: Darko Prolic

Concept Design / Art Direction / Motion Graphic / Character Design / Finishing