Fiat Panda // No imitation

A breathtaking 90″ chase in which three challengers,a German with the sausage car (Hans), a French with the baguette car (Jacques) and the Japanese with the sushi car (Akira & Satoshi), trying to catch the new Panda 2012 recently presented by Fiat.

>>> Style, treatment and everything you will see was conceived by our awesome creative and Human Propelled team <<<

Agency: Leo Burnett Italia
Brand: Fiat Auto
Executive Creative Director: Riccardo Robiglio – Paolo Dematteis
Creative Director: Marco Gucciardi
Client Creative Director: Marco Ontano
Copywriter: Giuseppe Pavone
Gruppo Account: Riccardo Vavalà – Laura Petillo
Head of Tv department: Riccardo Biancorosso
Tv Producer: Cecilia Sorba

VFX&Post-production: Proxima Milano
Directed by: Claudio Falconi
VFX Executive Producer: Andrea Masera
Assistant Producer: Sofia Capellini
CG3D Supervisor: Filippo Preti
Illustration: Marta Monelli, Simone Antonucci, Matteo Rubert
Previs: Park Jinseok
Characters Modeling: Alessandro Chizzolini
Modeling: Mario Brioschi,Tiziano Romani, Park Jinseok
Set Dressing: Mario Brioschi, Tiziano Romani, Park Jinseok
Rigging: Gi Ae Choi, Valentina Arcelloni
Animator: Francesca Salvatore
Texture: Mario Brioschi, Tiziano Romani, Park Jinseok, Marta Monelli, Simone Antonucci, Matteo Rubert
Lighting: Valentina Arcelloni, Mario Brioschi
Compositor: Matteo Corbi
Edit: Alessandro Gaieni
Programmer: Marco Ronchetti

Concept Design / Art Direction / CG3D Modelling, Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Animation / VFX / Compositing / Color grading / Motion Graphic / Editing / Sound