Feature film // Comedy

The story warms the heart because there’s a dyslexic child, bullied and with a distant father, named Elia. The mother Ivana has an old-fashioned toy shop, from wooden soldiers to rag dolls, but struggles to get by in a world where even Christmas becomes fast food.


Our studio contributed to creating some VFX shots of the film, collaborating with a team from other Italian VFX studios

VFX Breakdown

Directed by: Younuts
DOP: Leonardo Mirabilia

Produced by: Amazon Studios, Goon Films, Lucky Red
Distribution: Amazon Prime Video

VFX Executive Producer: Andrea Masera
Head of VFX: Claudio Falconi
VFX Supervisor: Fabrizio Volpi
VFX Producer: Cristina Panizzuti
VFX Editorial: Lorenzo De Mari
VFX Artists: Valentina Arcelloni, Chiara Giacometti, Jessica Ossoli, Francesco Poppa, Michela Sette, Emiliano Suhner, Maria Vittoria Iacona

CGI/ Compositing




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