We believe in people and their potential.

We will never give up on search and grow the best italian and international creative talent in the world of motion design and video post production.

If you would like to apply for a position within Proxima Milano or ProximaVR, please send us an e-mail to [email protected].

Make sure that you clearly state the type of position you are applying for in the e-mail subject.
If we do not have any open position at the time of your mail, your details will still be reviewed and we may keep your CV in our database until a suitable position arises.


The VRtist will work in the VR/R&D department of our VFX facility producing digital assets for realtime VR experiences so technical knowledge is very welcome in addition to well developed artistic skills.
Ability to teamwork and receive technical and artistic supervision is a must.
We are a VFX facility so interest in movies and cinema is very welcome.
Previous experience with realtime and VR is a big plus.

Competence in one or more of following fields is required:

  • Working knowledge of high/low poly, organic and hard surface modeling (eg. maya, zbrush, modo, mudbox)
  • Working knowledge of texturing and shading for realtime (eg. photoshop, mari, substance painter and designer, quixel)
  • Working knowledge of animation and rigging (eg. maya)

Additional desired skills:

  • Working knowledge of realtime engines (eg. unreal, unity, crytek)
  • Scripting (eg. mel, python, blueprints)
  • Photogrammetry and 3d scanning experience (eg. photoscan, meshlab, knald)

Please send us your CV to [email protected].